Club Run, ParkRun, Birthday Run and Windfarm Run… that’s a lot of running! 👌

A great training week again and this time it’s fantastic to get back into running with the guys at the club, completing a wet and windy birthday ParkRun and long slow running once again at one of the biggest Windfarm’s in Europe.

Club running is always fun as it’s a proven route that takes us through the streets of Irvine, Kilwinning and sometimes onto Eglinton Park where the Saturday morning ParkRun is held.

Was a good turnout from all the guys at the club as we’re now entering into the cross country season, a few events have already taken place, with much hype on the local athletics club’s to showcase their talents on what’s going to become an interesting few months of racing.

Hitting the headlines once again was yours truly, with a great story of my ongoing adventures of recovery, as I now turn to promoting Men’s Health and Suicide Awareness, through assistance from Help For Heroes and ensuring that the best care can be given to all our veterans suffering – especially those in silence.

My next outing was one of a celebration as I turn another year older. This time a familiar route round Eglinton ParkRun in what can only be described as challenging conditions, although did ease of during the morning.

Was great to get a shout out from the run director – Joni, and a huge thank you to all who wished me all the best during our morning run. Great also to see loads of familiar faces brave the elements, or was it the cake that awaited us all in the cafe at the end! 😂🎂

And so it was back home for some lunch and preparation for meeting up with the family to join the celebrations in one of the local restaurant’s, The Cochrane Inn . A lovely setting and a busy wee place with some excellent food.

Having indulged in loads of food during the past 24 hrs, including a sparkling Baileys cake of course, was time to get the running trainers out on a Sunday morning as without forgetting, I still have a Half Marathon to train for. Mark and I had decided to got out for a few miles round the local Windfarm and incorporate Lochgoin Loop which gave us just over 9 miles of pleasant running.

Having been round the farm a few times now and experienced a good few miles on the undulating terrain, it’s great to test the cardio and the legs following on from the ‘tempo’ session at ParkRun on Saturday, also reminds me during birthday celebrations that I’m still training!

On the nutrition front this week, well let’s just say cheat day was in full swing on Sunday, yeah I deserve some carbs following on from a 9 mile run but when you decide to visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow, well some Nachos and a Burger is a must! Yeah crapola I now but as I always say…everything in moderation.

Have a fantastic week ahead all and keep up the good work smashing those goals. 👍


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