10k Racing, Winter Training and Festive Park Running.

Welcome to 2020.

As we transition into a new decade and prepare those all important goals to conquer in 2020, it’s vital to acknowledge where we are just now.

For me it’s all about resetting with a new training schedule, now my project of the last year has been completed. This will involve more writing, running and staying fit and healthy.

I start with last month and the thought of how best to prepare for my new challenge of 2020 – complete 20 10k races within 10 months. Not a bad hurdle to overcome, now that my days of distance running may well be numbered, due to osteoarthritis and my ongoing stroke recovery.

Once I decided to pursue this challenge, all thoughts turned to remaining fit and keeping up my running over the festivities. With the knowledge that some good 10k races will be opening for registration in January, this motivated me to get out and run when I could.

So back to December and with a visit to one of my favourite Park Run’s at Eglinton Country Park on the 07th. Having a relatively quiet November, following the Bellahouston 10k, near Glasgow, I was eager to get going. I timed a generous 22:29 and more importantly caught up with all the volunteers and friends too.

Seven days later and it was back to Park Run, this time at my local park in Kilmarnock – Dean Castle Country Park. In my opinion, this is a more challenging course due to the two laps that contain a few steep inclines. I did manage to complete the morning’s run in 23:04, which was great in terms of my training routine.

Wednesday 18th December was the first of my two adventures around Kilmarnock in frosty, cold conditions. This 5.4 mile route into Knockentiber and back over a hilly course, was both challenging and fun, taking 45 mins. to complete.

Park Run once again a few days later with a visit to Meadowmill, completing this one in a time of 22:16. My Sunday run consisted of 6 miles from Musselburgh to Prestonpans. A great morning to relax with a run as most of the Christmas preparations were done. My time of 49 mins was about right for the pace I was targeting, burning off those chocolates!

Onto Boxing Day and the SBF Boomerang 10k is a charity event ran by Scott Brown in Dundonald, Ayrshire. It’s a tough trail run, ending up with a wee incline to the top of Dundonald Castle, just when you think your done! It was brilliant to see so many club runners from Ron’s and local athletes burning off a mince pie or two. This 51 minute 10k was testament to the tough conditions.

A few days later I was back at Dean Castle Country Park and the Park Run. Was great to catch up with Mark and a few others too. This time saw me clock a respectable 22:42, just a wee bit quicker than a few weeks previous. Following on from Dean Park, the next day (29th) was Ron’s Runners Christmas handicap race in Irvine.

This unique event plays host to all from Ron’s and Irvine Running Club, who are given a predicted time to complete 2.8 miles as per their previous years’ performance. It starts with runners who have a predicted time of over 25 minutes and filters down to the quickest ones at 30 second intervals.

My predicted time of 20 mins was on track for a great finish as I was at one point in pole position, just to take a wrong turn and be disqualified! (18.12) Not too worry as Mark took the honours with a well deserved victory. A massive well done to all who ran and challenged themselves over the course, including Louise who was first visitor – massive achievement.

With the new year here at last, I welcomed 2020 the way I mean to go on… with a run! This was in the form of a Park Run double at Portobello to start with, then at Vogrie at 11 am. Something that I noticed, a lot of Park Run’s were doing this up and down the county. I clocked one of my recent fastest times too, 21:28 with 22:50 an hour later. A phenomenal morning for running with hundreds of runners/walkers taking part.

Continue into this month so far and the 04th and 05th had me once again visiting Meadowmill Park Run and clocking a time of 21:51, while my 6 mile run from Musselburgh to Prestonpans once again took me 47:06, so shaving a few minutes of both of these routes since last month, happy days. ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ‘

Good luck everyone with those goals you have for 2020 and remember to stay focussed. My next hurdle to jump while running my 20 in 20 races is the promotion of my book, Davy’s Run. Available now on Amazon books. More information in my next blog. ๐Ÿ“–

A great wee tune to see us through. Runnin by Beyoncรฉ. ๐ŸŽผ

Stay safe all and have a great new year. Happy Running.


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