Gigs, Running and Reading with Covid19

What challenging times we’re in for sure. As the uncertainty of where we will all be in the next few weeks/months is a daunting thought. With no races in the distant future, my self-set challenge of completing 20 10k races in 2020 seems like a drop in the ocean in comparison to what has materialised around the world.

All is not lost as the community spirt I’m seeing has certainly inspired a lot of people to try new things and stay in touch with family and friends. Social media has a significant part to play in communicating with everyone, especially social events that are now cancelled such as races, gigs and various festivals. Rightly so, as we all have to adapt, rally round and look out for each other.

I’ll start off with taking you back to the start of my 20 in 20 challenge and after completing the Boxing Day boomerang 10k at Dundonald in Ayrshire with all the guys at SBF (Scott Brown Fitness) and my club, Ron’s Runners, my next races were in the area of Midlothian with Scurry Events and these were the Vogrie Park 10k trail race and the Scurry around Corstorphine Hill 10k race. In the middle was one of my favourite local events, the Hillbilly 10k in Dalmellington, Ayrshire by the team at Butterfly Events.

Hillbilly 10k
Corstorphine Hill 10k
Vogrie Country Park 10k

As the news stared to filter through about precautions to be taken as the outbreak of Covid 19 was at an early stage, runners around the country were asked to be extra vigilant. I knew that this was serious, so decided not to book the majority of my races, however planning ahead, I had already secured CCL Land o Burns in Ayr, Troon and my double header, Roon The Toon in Kilmarnock and Killearn 10k events. All of which have now been either postponed or cancelled with refunds given. As well as solo running, the weekly visit to parkrun was a must and it was down to Dean Castle Country Park in Kilmarnock and Meadowmill near Edinburgh too.

So, as many of you runners out there will have no doubt asked yourself, ‘Where do we all go from here?’ One of the first things I done, on realising the extent of the outbreak and the social isolation guidelines that we’re all following, was to devise my own training plan – local running routes and HIIT workouts at home. It’s great to utilise social media and keep current with the latest trends in this social isolation period of time.

A few recent training runs

Although I’ve had a very quiet week, concentrating on new ways to pass my time and always doing something positive and constructive, like learning a new skill might be a good idea. In terms of activity, along with everyone else adhering to government guidelines, getting out a run or walk every other day is key to maintaining my own physical and mental wellbeing. Reading I find helps to relax the mind and it’s always great to revisit my past work – Davy’s Run.

Since my last blog a few gigs have taken place on the music front, with the awesome Alfie Boe and Micheal Ball at Glasgow Hydro. A phenomenal night, with both singers performing to their best. Was great to hear Alfie sing his version of, ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol.

I had never heard of my next outing to St. Luke’s music venue in Glasgow. Especially the band I was about to see, although I was happily informed that they were an exceptional act from Sydney, Australia. Boy and Bear lived up to the hype and not knowing many tracks, I was impressed by their music and stage presence.

My 20 in 20 challenge has well and truly gone but one think I’ve came to realise is this. Life is set by the goals we achieve and boundaries that we knock down in order to be successful. Wherever you are reading this blog: do me a massive favour and pause for a minute, take a look around you and think, what’s really important in your life right now? Running, family, friends, community, work, to some that’s your livelihood I know.

Forget all the negativity that surrounds us and remain focussed on what the new norm will be, your new norm. To most of us that won’t change much. Runners will always be chasing a new PB or increase the miles. Workers will be focussed on once again achieving success and to those who are struggling at the moment please reach out and speak to someone, even a friendly voice can make a massive difference. On that note once the epidemic has gone and we get back to it, I’ve got the small matter of the Scottish Veterans Awards evening to attend. As a finalist in two categories, this is one evening I’m really looking forward to. 🤞

Scottish Veterans Awards 2020
Finalist in the following categories:
Contribution to the Scottish Fitness Industry and Society Award.
Lifetime Achievement Award.

Why am I saying this and how is this relevant to my latest running ventures? Well I’ve been there, the pit of despair. I’ve seen great men fall, fought my own battles in silence before reaching out and asking for guidance. You don’t need me to tell you that this shit is real. Please just be very careful, sensible and look after each other out there.

So to that end, get out there and be the best at what you do. Train hard, read often and try something new. When this is done we will enter the new norm, we will remember those who have fallen and still fall victim of this awful epidemic. Stay safe everyone and my final thought – last week while out on my brutal tempo run, this wee tune came on which gave a welcomed boost. Have a great weekend ahead peeps and as the tune goes…

Times like these, you learn to love again!



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