Great Scottish Run, family and charity.

Great Scottish Run weekend and this always holds a unique place in my heart as it's the first run I took part in following recovery and is always a fantastic turn out, especially seeing the professional athletes and charity runners achieving great results. Friday was a gentle jog covering half the distance of the 10k [...]


NAAC 10k, Dumfries 10k, preparing for Glasgow and Ron’s done RAW.

Been a while since my last blog and so much has been happening with running, training and recovery. As the latter stages of the summer racing events are upon us it's time to focus on a few trail races that are fast approaching and implementing a winter training programme, hopefully with a few cross country [...]

Reading, Running and Lau-Land at the Edinburgh Festival.

Hey, where's the Scottish summer went? Following on from the book festival and feeling inspired to put pen to paper and finally getting round to preparing my autobiography, no time like the present to get started. These past few weeks have been great with getting back to the local ParkRun and training with the club, [...]

Fringe, Rip it Up and Puzzles!

Good afternoon all. Not a lot has been happening on the running front from last week, due to the unfortunate news that my worst fears have happened - well for a runner anyway! Looking at it from a wellbeing point of view, having arthritis on my knee isn't at all that bad, just means I [...]

July Training, Music and Museums.

Good day to you all. Been a few weeks since my last blog and recent training/tapering all went well with the build up for the half at the windfarm. A few weeks have now passed and although recovery is going slowly, RTB was an epic race, although the Physio's findings and x-ray has now shown [...]

Running Locations, Gigs and Cake!

Pictures tell a fantastic story. A particular different blog this time with the focus on the last few weeks' holiday and training being portrayed through photography. From training in Ayrshire, East Lothian, Scarborough and St. Andrews to relaxing in some fantastic locations. Drinking lovely coffee, eating fabulous cake and enjoying some great chocolates from Bonnets [...]

Glorious blue skies with six days of running.

Great weather, producing some fantastic training opportunities with a variety of routines completed. From midweek sprints, the Lochgoin Loop at the Windfarm, to a few 'tempo' training runs. Sprints @ Work This time last week, the glorious weather wasn't so warm it was back to utilising my break at work and getting out into the [...]

Music, Running and Achievement…whats not to like about it?

Been a while since my last post and what a few weeks we've all had. From various running events to getting back into the training regime. Was great to see a brilliant singer/songwriter once again who's music always resonates with my own running journey. Kris Drever I first herd of this Scottish folk singer last [...]

Killearn, RoonTheToon and June 2013

Good morning all and the sun is still shining here in sunny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A mixed few weeks with the very sad news of the passing of Mr. Kenny Marr. He was a loving father and grandfather who will be sadly missed from everyone who knew him. He was also an avid supporter of Heart [...]

Training, EMF 1Ok and Pie!

From tragedy to success and getting back on track. These few weeks has seen it all. I begin with the R&R Half Marathon in Liverpool and a huge well done to the guys from the club who went down and smashed their goals, albeit in very warm conditions - phenomenal effort. 👏 For me the [...]